US Military Clean

Start your own US Military Clean Business

US Military Clean (USMC) teaches US Veterans how to quickly start a successful and profitable commercial cleaning business. – And since US Veterans prefer to employ other US Veterans, this endeavor is also a US Veteran Employment program too.

This business is very simple and inexpensive to start. The profits are outstanding! Many US Veterans have gone ahead of you and found great success already.

US Military Clean is a Business-In-A-Box. We get your business fully set-up and ready to start acquiring clients and earning good money within 10-14 days. Owning your Veteran-Owned Business can provide true financial liberty and personal freedom! — This business model does not require to rent office space. You can get started by running this business out of your garage or from the trunk of your car.

Some USMC owners have earned more than their starting costs in their first week. It depends upon your schedule and the time you have available to acquire accounts. But with just 1 free hour a day for a week, you can have clients, by following our time-proven method. — You can acquire a multitude of clients by doing what dozens of successful US Military Clean owners have before you.

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A US Veteran Business

Mark Baird is a well-respected person with high integrity and honesty that goes far beyond the call of duty. It is my pleasure knowing him and what he stands for. I highly recommend Mark on any opportunity he provides to assist US Veterans.” – Jesse Almanza US Marine Veteran

Your USMM Business

Competition is fierce in business. To succeed you need to leverage your advantages and resources. Fortunately, as a US Veteran your Marketing advantages are immense. Your US Veteran status opens doors where your competitors cannot go. – We have over 50 years of experience in marketing US Veteran-owned businesses. And we authored the best-selling book, The Patriotic Business Plan. – Your US Military service is Gold! – It makes getting new clients far easier. We develop your business to feature this major advantage.

This is a complete and proven marketing plan that has been used by the US Veterans that I have been serving across the country through the non-profit, Patriotic Hearts. This unique concept connects owners’ businesses with people’s emotions and hearts. – It is a huge catapult that lifts you far above any competitors! It is centered around a specific cause: Providing employment for US Veterans. – It will literally make you somewhat famous in your entire region.

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US Veteran Entreprenuers

I am a new owner of a US Military Clean in Utah. Mark’s dedication and mentoring is hands down above what was expected during this journey and start up. He offers his experience and guidance to all owners, anytime we need it. His dedication to the veteran community is outstanding. — Tad Stuart (US Air Force Veteran)

HONOR: Every US Veteran is drilled in knowing the meaning of honor. It always involves keeping your word and performing your duties exceptionally well. – This is this kind of Janitorial Service that companies across our country will pay top dollar to have. – Most Americans consider US Veterans honorable. And most Americans enjoy showing their appreciation for your service. – We will teach you how to use your US Veteran advantage to acquire accounts quickly, receive free TV and radio ads, speaking invitations, and adulations from your community leaders. 

The Three Main USMC Sectors

Night-time Office Cleaning: (This is often ideal for some Veterans: You can work alone, in a quiet space.) Anyone can do the basics of this job. After hours, in various kinds of businesses, you get it prepared for the employees to enjoy working in a clean, sanitary environment the following day. Basically, this requires taking out the trash, dusting, mopping, polishing, sanitizing the bathrooms, and cleaning the kitchen.

Depending on the economy of your region, prices vary. Using metropolitan prices and the towns surrounding them, this is an average. For cleaning office spaces between 2500 to 5000 sq. ft., 5 nights a week, you can charge $1250 to $2500 a month. The average time for one person to clean a 2500 sq. ft. office area well is an hour (after your initial thorough cleaning). – This amounts to 20 hours a month. Dividing $2500 a month by 20 hours = $125.00 an hour! — A 5-hour night can earn you $10K a month, if you work by yourself. If you choose to employ other US Veterans and build your business, achieving $500K a year is also very do-able. 

Construction Clean-up (and more) At every construction site there is the requirement to keep the area clean of construction debris. And after the construction is completed, there is the need for a thorough interior cleaning of the building, homes, offices, facilities, etc. – We assist you in being OSHA certified in this area. And we will show you the key to acquiring these significant accounts.

When you are employed as the construction cleaning company for a project, it is much easier to acquire the cleaning account for the general areas of buildings, and for every tenant who leases space. – (We will teach you the key to acquiring these accounts before any other business can make a bid.)

Real Estate: Realtors always have properties that have been vacated and need to be made ready ASAP for leasing or selling to a new owner or tenant. These properties need to be cleaned top to bottom so that they can be moved into without any additional preparation. – For the average 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom home or apartment, including cleaning the windows and screens, this pays between $200 to $300. – However, regularly there is more to do. These properties may also require small repairs, carpet cleaning, power washing, trash removal, area clean-up. Of course, this increases the amount you earn. – Your business can have daytime and nighttime employees. 

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Patriotic Hearts is a US Veterans Charity

“My main man, Mark Baird, is clearly ahead and shoulders above anyone else in his support of the US Military and Veterans. It is right out of “God’s Good Book.” – Fred Sanson, Executive Producer Universal Pictures.

How to Start a Cleaning Business

Starting a successful janitorial business is not difficult, but it is vital that you prepare the foundation properly before you begin to build upon it. 

We begin with the basics: Incorporation, Licensing, Certifications, and Insurance. Then we get your Marketing Engine started. We build your website and social networking pages for your business on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Then your website is created, and logos, letterheads, and social networking platforms. You also need business cards and letters of Introduction. We assist with signs, banners, polo shirts, t-shirts, and promotional products for your business. To be found by searches we register you with Google. And you’ll need to have your physical bid sheet, and your online Janitorial Cleaning Services Proposal ready to go too. – This is being done as your boxes of equipment are arriving: It is everything you need, but you can fit it all into a car and trunk with ease. (No worries.) 

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We Get It “Inspection Ready!”

Mark Baird is truly a Difference Maker in the lives of many US Veterans and their families. – Rhonda Dula, US Military Liason

The Mindset of a Businessowner versus Employee: This is the most important thing for you to acquire to be successful! You are no longer an employee. You are now a businessowner! It is critical that you adopt this self- identification and attitude.

How Big is your Business going to Be? What is your vision? How much income do you need? – Together, we will lay out a blue-print. 

Acquiring New Clients: This is the easiest and most enjoyable part of this business. But there are land mines to avoid. We make sure you know exactly what to do, step-by-step. What to say. How to sell. How to set yourself apart from your competitors. How to Close. And how to manage, service, and keep the accounts you acquire. 

Networking In-Person and Online. In this fast-paced, modern world, networking is the how businesses grow. It is essential. Ultimately, this is what you should be doing as the owner, meeting and making friends with ‘movers and shakers’ within your territory. – We’ll teach you how to mine this field of gold. 

Daytime & Nighttime Work. There are many ways to earn income in this business. It begins with 3 main areas. Then from there a multitude of additional work and income opens up. The opportunities for growth in this business are mind-boggling. – Janitorial businesses when done right are Cash-Cows!

Marketing & Media. We have been featured in People Magazine, on the front pages of newspapers, and interviewed on all the major News channels and Talk radio shows. If you enjoy public speaking, there are dozens of open doors in every community. We’ll show you how. 

Hiring Employees. Employees are the most important part of any successful business. Building the right team the right way, with the right people is where your success will be determined. – It is a bit of a science. We’ll provide you with a great plan!

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Mark Baird is the most sincere individual I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. His work with US Veterans and their families has been truly inspirational. I recommend him for the integrity and honesty he brings to assisting US Veterans. — Carl Vickers US Army Veteran.

There is so much More!

We have developed a training manual over several years. We earnestly believe it is the most comprehensive training anyone can receive. Already hundreds have benefitted from its thorough teaching and achieved sensational success!

I close with this great truth that Abraham Lincoln said:

The best way to predict your future is to create it.”