US Military Clean

Personal One-on-One Training

Our founder, Mark Baird, began his first Janitorial Business in 1970. By 1972, he had developed his California Commercial Maintenance business into a state-wide success. He then sold it for enough to have an apartment at the beach and the time and money to surf, get a college degree, and to travel several years. — Then, throughout his life he built and sold several more cleaning businesses. Now, he teaches others how to do so quickly, easily, and profitably. –He also founded a non-profit,, to assist US Military and their families while in and when out of the service.

During his years of service to our country, he also was recognized and awarded for his accomplishments and endeavors. These include: 

Our Founder, Mark Baird, will be your trainer and mentor. He will be assisted by fellow owners who have come before you to ensure your success. Nationwide Team Meetings are every month.

Our Goal is to establish you in a profitable Janitorial business that will provide you and yours peace and stability throughout your lives.