Why Start A Janitorial Business?

I could never make enough to live the American Dream and support my family as I wanted. I was depressed and always going deeper into debt. I realized that I needed to start my own business and get control of my life and back.

I chose to create a janitorial business. I had no experience in running any kind of a business. But “Necessity is the Mother of Invention.” – It radically changed my life! I was able to buy a home on the beach and set myself and my family free from debt and endless financial worry!  I built and sold several commercial maintenance (janitorial) businesses over 5 decades.

Now, I have a US Veterans charity, Patriotic Hearts. One of the programs I have created is US Military Clean. I know everything about starting these businesses successfully. It is NOT rocket science. But can be the difference between success and failure.

There are several things one needs to acquire before starting out: Equipment, Website, Marketing Platforms, Certifications, Insurance, and Training on how to get accounts, who to speak with, and what to say, and how to make a bid. We provide US veterans with all of these. And we can have your business up and running within 7-10 days!

US Military Clean has assisted over 140 US veterans in owning this business.

With Covid ending, millions of businesses, schools, entertainment venues, and offices from little to large are bringing back their employees and opening their doors again. There has never been a better time to own a commercial cleaning business!

You can run this business part time or fulltime. Some just manage and hire others to do the work. Earning an extra $70K part time is done all the time. Or you can build this business into earning hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars.

Interested in learning more? Call or text me at 760-847-2561. Also, here is your invitation to our monthly Team Call so you can hear from current US Military Clean owners.

Join us this Friday, May 7, at 4 PM Pacific time.


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